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Immortal Flower

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Anniversaries mark important milestones in our relationships, whether you are married or dating, and should always be celebrated.
The giving and receiving of gifts is traditional, and it's a great time to spoil your loved one with a special dinner or activity.
And, of course, roses are always a favourite flower for wedding bouquets. This has much to do with the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, who is often pictured surrounded by, and wearing roses.
It is said that a red rose grew from the spilled blood of Aphrodite's murdered lover, Adonis, making the bloom the symbol of never ending love.
You will always get it right with eternal roses. There is a colour for each occasion.
Red roses:They are the quintessential symbol of love and passion.
Pink roses:They symbolise romanticism, happiness, and beauty. This is why they are perfect as decoration for weddings and communions. They are also ideal for creating an amazing floral art centrepiece for an open-air celebration.
Yellow roses:Yellow is the colour of the sun, of light, and energy. Giving a bouquet of yellow roses as a gift is a sign of friendship and good will.
White roses: The colour of innocence, hope, and pure and sincere feelings..

And the list is going on,choose the right one for your loved ones.