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Creative Hexagonal Bookcase

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This Creative Hexagonal Bookcase is a kind of shelf that uses the bottom plate and the pillar combination to place the sundries. It is supported by the strip bracket, and then the bottom plate is used as the support. The shape is unique, the design is smart, the loading and unloading is simple, clean and bright, open type. The design makes the storage visible at a glance, and is a good helper for storing home and small items.

It can be suitable for any space needs, and can be composed of series products for different purposes, such as kitchen series, living room series, bedroom series, study office series, as well as shopping malls, hotels, factories or household series, product display rack series, etc.

Is hand-made, material selection, good quality, strong carrying capacity, is essential for your home wall decoration!

Size: 40*20*34.6
Material: Wooden