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Daisy Ivory Transparent Pendant

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The unique creative, pure handmade, in kind shooting, each finished piece may be slightly different,but sufficiently amazing.
Symbolic meaning of the daisy has a lot to do with purity and positive perspectives. By their mere appearance, they are a perky, happy looking flower…easy to understand why they are symbolic of uplifting themes. 
Interestingly, the opposite is true of the symbolic meaning of daisy in Norse mythology. As a sacred symbol to Freya, a Norse love goddess, the daisy is a symbol of love, sensuality, and fertility. The daisy also symbolizes the aspect of motherhood and childbirth in association with Freya, which carries on the theme of unblemished youth.

In astrology, the daisy corresponds to the sign of Taurus. This astrological sign cycles through the year around April 20 to May 20th, and that makes sense as the sun/spring-loving daisy pops from the Earth around that time in the Northern hemisphere. Taurus attributes are synonymous with symbolic meaning of daisy, so in this aspect, the daisy stands for traits like…


  • Material: Resin/ Copper