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Horizon Bloom

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As any telescope aficionado will tell you, the virtue of a refractor lies in its pristine image quality. The only challenge to owning a refractor has always been the price: refractors cost more per inch of aperture than any other telescope design. That's still true, but steady advances in precision lens manufacturing technology are bringing those prices down.

Way down, in the case of our remarkable Horizon Bloom Equatorial Refractor Telescope. This impressive 80 mm refractor telescope is priced to please, without compromising quality. This is a soundly constructed telescope that any new backyard astronomer or experienced stargazer will appreciate from the first night out.

  • Caliber: 80 mm
  • Theodolite: follower theodolite
  • Focal length: 700 mm
  • Positive prism: 45 upright prism
  • Eyepiece: 10mm 20mm
  • Limit star:12.0
  • Triangular bracket; alloy adjustable tripod
  • Focus ratio: F8.5
  • Tube material: aluminum alloy
  • Concentration rate: 130X
  • Surface finish: White paint
  • Optical coating: multi-layer coating


1 zenith mirror
2-20mm eyepiece
3-10mm eyepiece
4-5X25 finder mirror
5 certificate
7-warranty card
8 instructions
9 tripod
10-most important barrel