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Indochinite Meteorite Crater Stone

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A Bicolite is a type of Indochinite from the Philippines. They are dark green glasses formed by a giant, historic meteorite impact that blemished Indochina 700,000 years ago and, hence, created Indochinites: a famous pedigree of impactites. The amazing specimens offered here were once hot, molten globs which launched nearly 1,500 miles from the original impact site in Indochina – about equal to the vertical length of the United States! Those hot globs landed in Bicol and are thus appropriately named Bicolites.

Their signature, distinctive “bread crust” texture on their exterior are an usual characteristic formed by natural weathering. They have fascinating shapes and the use of one’s imagination have proven to generate resemblances of objects, animals, and even faces.

In modern times, Indochinites are often revered for their metaphysical properties and use in meditation as crystals that bring good luck and are used for manifesting.

Darwin Glass is a natural material formed by the catastrophic heat released from an ancient meteorite impact, believed to have occurred ~800,000 years ago on the island of Tasmania. Situated inside a national park, the overgrown crater lies deep within swamps and jungle and is regarded as one off the least-visited impact sites in the world.  


  • Material: Meteorite 
  • Weight: 4g-7g/1pc
  • Size:10mm-20mm