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Natural Pot Brush

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Other similar cleaning brushes mostly use bamboo or wooden connection base, which is easy to crack and mildew. However, this product is made of hundreds of ultra-fine palm fiber, and it's made by hand and one-piece molding. It is durable, not easy to mildew, and has a longer service life. This product is superior to other palm fiber brushes. Because it uses unique ultra-fine palm fiber which is dense and resilient, it can effectively clean the stain area without damaging the surface. The unique brush head design with super-strong natural Palm fibers are of strong detergency. Durable bristles easily scrub away food, stains and dirt. The handle is long enough to hold easily, not a mini short handle brush. Therefore, your hands will not be exposed to oil when cleaning, and you do not need to wear gloves, offering ultra comfortable grips and fitting well with your palm.


  • Material: Palm + Copper Wire
  • Size: 17x4.6cm