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Feng Shui Water Fountain

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Water fountains support the water element in feng shui. However, the materials the fountain is made of will also represent an element. For example, a metal water fountain will also support the element of metal, while a ceramic or stone water fountain will support the earth element. Therefore, when considering which materials you'll select for the fountain, think about their intended purpose and whether you'll want the fountain to support or balance out other elements.
The flowing water of the fountain helps to reactivate stagnant chi, restores balance to the area and produces beneficial yang energy. If the water in the fountain does not flow equally on all sides, for example, a water fountain with a cascading waterfall flowing down into one area, make sure the water flows toward the house and not away from it. Water flowing toward the front door of the house symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Water flowing away from the house may result in a loss of wealth or an increase in financial problems.
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