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Stevia Dried Loose Leaf

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Most of you probably know stevia as the sweet white powder every slightest health-hacker has in their cupboard. Many of you might not even know that it actually used to be a herb - before the processing, the refining and the additives

If your tea asks for a little bit of a sweet kick, add stevia leaves to it. Put them in as a whole or pluck them in pieces - it's your call. Don't overdo it though - even fresh, stevia can be quite sweet. So we'd suggest starting with series of experiments to find the amount that works best for you.

The idea of adding something processed, sticky, sugary and indulg-y to your breakfast green blend might seem to ruin the point of a healthy smoothie. If you like to start your day with a clean slate, skip the processed sweeteners (maple syrup, sugar, agave syrup etc), and grab a leaf of stevia. Fresh, green, sweet and good - add it to your smoothie ingredients and blend away! Again - test the sweetness; even 2 stevia leaves can seem too much for most people.

Stevia isn't among the most common herbs you’ll find in most American gardens, but it should be. Most books on Witchcraft and magic don’t even list it, so a lot of the information I’ve compiled on it for magical uses comes from my own years of growing and experimenting with it.

This plant Native to South America has been utilized medicinally for thousands of years. It was often incorporated into a caffeine-rich South American drink, infused to sweeten the brew that was shared by a group with a straw. If it was steeped with hot water it was called mate, and with cold water it was called terere. The spices used in the drink would change with the intent-- whether sharing it with a lover, family or friends. Stevia was added to promote overall health and well-being.

Weight:200g/500g Per Bag