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Intelligent Eye Massage Glasses

Intelligent Eye Massage Glasses

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Intelligent Eye Massage Mask

Acupressure Method: 16 independent silicone massage head, for the 16 acupuncture points around the eyes for different strength different order of vibration kneading massage. For eye fatigue relief & eye repair & beauty has a very good effect!

Neodymium Magnetic Therapy: magnetic therapy massage, massage head device neodymium magnets to promote blood circulation in all acupuncture points, improve eye redness and swelling & dry eyes & eye bags & dark circles & eye wrinkles and other problems. Fast relaxation to relieve eye and head pressure, help head and body health, relaxation!

Health Massage Mode: using the scientific principles of medicine and health, designed three different order different rhythm different strength of acupressure: eye care mode, eye beauty mode, sleep mode; for eye health, headache relief, insomnia sleep aid has a very good effect!

Design Advantages: F16 Bluetooth music; visualization window design; 265g ultra-low weight, reduce the use of weight binding sense; using Japanese motors, ultra-low silence less than 25dB. using USB Type-C fast charging, 1.5H can be full, each use of 15 minutes to automatically shut down, can be used continuously for a week.

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