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A Set Seven Crystal Green Fluorite

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Fluorite is a great crystal stone to calm and relieve anxiety, tension, and stress by detoxifying the emotional body. High quality and perfect for crystal healing, chakra meditation therapy, wicca, Reiki, home decor.
Each and every wand is unique and is the ONLY one in the world. According to Judy Hall in her book 'The Crystal Bible', fluorite "... is extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganization." Fluorite can get rid of any electromagnetic fog that can attract or retain negative energies and make you feel psychically, emotionally, or mentally lethargic. Fluorite promotes deep relaxation, better sleep patterns and improved overall energy levels. Fluorite protects and helps with focus and concentration.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, or empty, the uplifting energies of this crystal will reassure you that everything’s going to be alright. You will be filled with a calm and comforting energy that will make you more confident about your prospects. Many people like to use fluorite to remove negative energy and absorb negative energies in their homes or work environment. Fluorite enhances the positive energy around you, which is why it is a great crystal when used with affirmations. Fluorite is a crystal of mental order and clarity that is often used to clear energy fields and auric cleansing. Fluorite is a great stone to calm and relieve anxiety, tension, and stress, and get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues.