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Blue Evil Eye Amulet Wind Chimes

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The Blue Evil Eye Amulet Wind Chimes has various meanings depending on cultural practices. For some when a person wears or carries the Evil Eye, it is thought to protect them from misfortune or any negativity potentially being sent their way. There is also the belief that the Evil Eye is a look or stare that is thought to bring bad luck to the person it is intended for. You may have heard or read somewhere "May every evil eye in your life go blind", that is because it is often believed that when a person becomes more successful or steps into their power others will be envious and want to see them fail. The Evil Eye is believed to then protect you from that envious gaze and give that energy back to the sender


  • Iron unique leaf top and 4 pure copper Aluminum hollow tuned tubes, 5 Bluebells, and 6 Resin Blue eyes.
  • Material: high-quality metal +Resin materials