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Boho Mosaic Lamp Ethnic Style

Boho Mosaic Lamp Ethnic Style

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Mosaic is an ancient mosaic craft, originated in ancient Greece, the ancient Greeks in early times used the black and white marble pieces to decorate the building authority, only the Rich rulers could afford the art.To the Roman era, it was popular among the people. Turks first use it on the lamp, with primary colors glass, colored beads, decorate a charming Mediterranean pattern. In Europe and Russia, Turkey in restaurants, bars, full of its beautiful figure.

Ethnic Style Mosaic Turkish Lamp is made using quality materials. They are brand new, personally checked and will not compromise on quality. They are made of high quality metal and extra fine cut colored glass that are designed to last for generations. The glass is colored stained glass throughout and will not fade.

The Ethnic Style Mosaic Turkish Lamp is uniquely crafted by making use of precision cut pieces, it contains cut glass piece which are carefully placed together to produce a special lamp pattern on a unique lamp shade.


  • Material: Metal
  • Whole lamp size: height x diameter 48cm x 32cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Shade size: high x diameter 18cm x 12cm [oval]
  • Base size: height x diameter 7cm x 15cm
  • E27 spiral 5W LED bulb
  • Push button switch, no dimmable
  • Pure hand-made glass mosaic patch process
  • Wire cutting, hand welding and polishing
  • Primary color glass, bonded by glue and then bonded by gypsum
  • Light body material: Iron surface plating Green bronze
  • Snap ring installation, simple and safe
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