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Blackbrdstore Elemi Resin Gum Incense (Canarium luzonicum resin)
Blackbrdstore Elemi Resin Gum Incense (Canarium luzonicum resin)

Elemi Resin Gum Incense (Canarium luzonicum resin)

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Premium quality Canarium luzonicum resin that gives a lovely stimulating balsamic fragrance when burnt. It is also an anti-septic, so it is good for clearing the air of micro-organisms, when used as an incense. Elemi is also uplifting, clearing and an expectorants. It has a sweet minty, lemony smell, and it is very good at raising low spirits.

Elemi is known to be clarifying and cleansing with energizing properties. It stimulates mental ability and works well for morning meditation, tai chi or yoga exercises. It creates a spirit of hopefulness and is said to relieve depression.
Traditionally, people use elemi with substances that are refreshing and cleansing such as mastic, lemongrass, and sweet grass. fresh, woody and lemon-scented perfume is used to clear the thoughts, to give energy and to stimulate all mental faculties.

As a wet incense, Elemi Gum can be burnt on a charcoal disk, to produce an aromatic smoke, or on an aroma diffuser with water.

- To be burnt on a charcoal disk - as an incense the resin is sticky to touch, it is helpful to freeze it before cutting it or smashing it up into small pieces or powder, this means it can be blended easily with other resins or used alone it smaller pieces.

- To be used on an aroma diffuser - don't need to put in the freezer.

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