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Fox Bedding Set

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Bedtime can't come sooner when your jump into bed with this soft bedding set covered with foxes in a field full of flowers. Features a stylish and complimenting gingham pattern, ideal for cozying up to. 


  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Thread Count: 200TC
  • Fabric Count: 40
  • Weight: 0.9-1.5

AU Single size include:

  • 1pc quilt cover:145*210cm(57.1"x82.7")
  • 1pcs pillow cases:48*74cm(18.9''x29.1")
  • (weight 0.9kg,suitable for 1.0-1.5m bed.)

AU Double size include:

  • 1pc quilt cover:180*210cm(70.9"x82.7")                           
  • 2pcs pillow cases:48*74cm(18.9''x29.1")           
  • (weight 1.1kg,suitable for 1.2-1.8m bed.)

AU Queen size include:

  • 1pc quilt cover:210*210cm(82.7"x82.7")
  • 2pcs pillow cases:48*74cm(18.9''x29.1")
  • (weight 1.2kg,suitable for 1.35-2.0m bed.)

AU King 3PCS include:

  • 1pc quilt cover:220*240cm(86.6"x94.5")
  • 2pcs pillow cases:48*74cm(18.9''x29.1")
  • (weight 1.1kg,suitable for 1.5-2.2m bed.)

USA Twin size include:

  • 1pc quilt cover:173*218cm(68.1"x85.8")
  • 2pcs pillow cases:48*74cm(18.9''x29.1")
  • (weight 1.2kg,suitable for 1.0-1.5m bed.)

USA Full size include:

  • 1pc quilt cover:203*228cm(79.9"x89.7")
  • 2pcs pillow cases:48*74cm(18.9''x29.1")
  • (weight 1.3kg,suitable for 1.35-2.0m bed.)