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Grain Cardamom

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The use of cardamom has been documented as far back as the 4th century BC. Because of its sweet and pungent flavor, cardamom was the favored tooth cleanser and breath freshener of the Egyptians, who used it for dental hygiene. The Greeks and Romans had their own use for this spice and included it in their perfume formulations. (To this day cardamom is still a popular ingredient in many fine perfumes.) Even the Vikings cherished this small pod for its scent and flavor and ended up introducing it into Scandinavia, where it remains as a key ingredient in many pastries and cookies. In the Middle East and India, cardamom is an essential spice in many traditional dishes, used in curries, sweets, coffee and tea.  Cardamom is perhaps most famous as a stomachic and carminative herb, helping to calm digestive upsets and to promote and balance gastric juices. Ayurvedic doctors regarded it as a treatment for obesity, perhaps relying on its stimulating properties that move sluggish digestion. Modern practitioners use it for similar purposes to tone and support the digestive system. 

Allergen Information:
  • Contains Gluten grains, hard fruits, celery, mustard and production of Sesame made hatta.


  • Quantity: 100gr
  • Origin: Guatamala