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Green Angel Aura Quartz Crystal (78gr)

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These green aura quartz generators magnify your prayers, intentions, and desires, and purify them before they send them straight up to Source. These are pure light! Aura quartz has become one of my favorite tools. And if you take one of these generators home, you will understand why. This extraordinary, sparkling variety of quartz is quite challenging to find, but well worth the hunt. Each piece is a magical, shimmering, angelic point, with rainbows bursting out in all directions.

The generator shape plus the aura treatment adds such brilliant multi-hued prisms of light to each one. Clear quartz magnifies all energies. It draws energy to it, and holds energy for the bearer. You can program it to hold your sacred intentions. Over time, quartz becomes attached to the owner, almost memorizing your needs, desires, and growth. These are companion stones, and they are just gorgeous.

Aura is created when pure solid gold and iridium are bonded to clear quartz. These pieces, with their iridescent reflection of brilliant cosmic green, stimulate both body and spirit through their powerful vibrations. And the generator shape is an especially powerful centerpiece to raise the vibrations in your grid work. It is a gemstone that facilitates communication and connection with Higher Realms, with our guides, and with our past lives. Aura quartz will guide you beyond the Veil, opening the Crown Chakra, to develop and expose a whole new level of psychic and intuitive awareness. I use mine in meditation, and they truly facilitate strong spirit contact. And, they are absolutely magical to look upon.

Green throws the Heart Chakra wide open, allowing energy to flow and clear. Green is our heartspace, our capacity for healing in love and emotional matters. It represents our capacity to hold ourselves and others and represents hope. Green can also be used in prosperity and abundance gridding. Green is the color of Go. The color of growth. The color of money. And the color to help you manifest your own love and prosperity.

Weight: about 70-85 g