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Handmade Evil Eye Protection Amulet

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When you feel completely happy, or love someone above all else, or laugh too much, or everything goes quite well in the same period, do you ever possessed of fear to lose it? The evil eye phenomenon is a simple belief, based on the emotion of jealousy, envy, desire, or admire someone or something. Someone can cause harm by looking at another’s property or person.

In India, we call it as Nazar Dosh. In Turkish culture, people wear evil eye beads in the form of jewelry to protect themselves.These evil eye beads help us to ward off the evil eye, which is mainly caused due to other jealousy when something good is happening with us.There are different colors of the beads.Depending on the need we can choose the evil eye bead colour.

If you want to protect your home or office, you should hang an evil eye wall art Nazar amulet. It came to break with quick distraction seeking the person who tried to concentrate on us to see him and breaking his concentration and strength of a simple and effective way. The color blue is believed to ward off bad luck.

These beads can be used as wall hangings. Its wall hanging amulet with Nazar Dosh beads and evil eye blessing blue evil eye frames or wall carpet is typically carried, or placed in homes. Blue eye wall hanging items are also used to guard individuals and corporations against financial losses or poor business dealings.


  • Size: 39x35/15.35''x13.77''