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Heart Shape Uruguay Amethyst Cluster Quartz

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Rough and uninteresting on the outside, it reveals a magical and scintillating display of glistening purple crystals on the inside when broken open. Amethysts are used abundantly around the world for their healing benefits. From enhancing spiritual experiences and bringing us a sense of calm to improving blood circulation and protecting us from negative energy, the amethyst is one of the most important and versatile healing stones to have on hand.

  • Place your Amethyst Geode next to your bed to help reduce insomnia and nightmares.
  • When your child is experiencing hyperactivity, have him sit next to your Amethyst Geode to help him settle down.
  • Place an Amethyst Geode in an area where you do creative things. The relaxed alert state it provides is perfect for creativity and inspiration.
  • Place it near your entrance to protect your home and cleanse out negative energy.
  • Place one in your office to reduce stress and anxiety caused by work.
  • Meditate next to your Amethyst Geode to put you in the perfect meditative state and to help you access higher consciousness.
  • Place one in the heart of your home to raise your family’s vibration.
  • Place smaller stones on your Amethyst Geode to cleanse them.
  • Sit next to your Amethyst Geode to diffuse anger and negative emotions.
  • Spend time near an Amethyst Geode on a consistent basis when trying to overcome an addiction.