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Midnight Blue Bedding Set

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If you are selenophilic, as well as astrophilic, then this Midnight Blue Cover set is just right for you. Staring at the sky, you find out that really there are no boundaries or limitations. You can see that there are no borders in space, time or gravity, that beyond this planet of ours there is a huge space of experiences unopened and unrevealed. Restore your hope and make the ultimate connection to nature. Staring at the sky slows you down and offers you a choice and chance to take a deep breath to expand your soul and embrace freedom. Midnight Blue Cover set it captivates the viewer and adds to the mystery above us,perhaps opening a door to several more connections and journeys. Features a hidden zipper closure, easy to get your duvet in and out of this cover for more convenience clean.


  • Material: Polyester / Cotton
  • Thread Count: 400TC
  • Fabric Count: 40
  • Weight: 1.2-1.8kg
  • Fabric Density: 133X72
Twin 3pcs:
  •    1xDuvet Cover:150 x 200cm = 59 x 79inch
  •    1xFlat Sheet:    160 x 230cm = 63 x 90inch
  •    1xPillow Case:        48x74cm = 19 x 29inch
Twin 4pcs :
  •    1xDuvet Cover:150 x 200cm = 59 x 79inch
  •    1xFlat Sheet:    160 x 230cm = 63 x 90inch
  •    2xPillow Case:      48 x74cm = 19 x 29inch
 Twin 4pcs Bigsheet:
  •    1xDuvet Cover:150 x 200cm = 59 x 79inch
  •    1xFlat Sheet:   200 x 230cm = 79 x 79inch
  •    2xPillow Case:       48 x74cm = 19 x 29inch
  •    1xDuvet Cover: 180cm x 220cm = 71inch x 87inch
  •    1xFlat Sheet:     230cm x 230cm = 90inch x 90inch
  •    2xPillow Case:   48cmx74cm = 19inch x 29inch
  •   1xDuvet Cover:  200cm x 230cm = 79inch x 90inch
  •   1xFlat Sheet:      230cm x 230cm =90inch x90inch
  •   2xPillow Case:    48cmx74cm = 19inch x 29inch
  •   1xDuvet Cover:  220cmx240cm = 87inch x 95inch
  •   1xFlat Sheet:     230cmx250cm = 90inch x 98inch
  •   2xPillow Case:   48cm x 74cm   = 19inch x 29inch