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Natural Saffron Crocus

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Harvested in Tibet,Saffron was introduced into Tibet from the Mediterranean coast via India in the Ming Dynasty.(500years ago)
Tibetan saffron grows in highest altitude in the world(4000 meter above sea level), unique high temperature difference and strong sunshine organic and pure environment plateau lead to Its bioactivity which is very strong than other specie. The total content of saffron-I and saffron-II (about 20%, some about 24%) is higher than Persian saffron (about 19%).
after hand selection carefully,each one is thicker and longer with for its strong perfume, lovely flavor and excellent coloring additives or preservatives,no broken pieces.
if you make them tea will be nice pure golden yellow colour. (6 times still in nice colour).
All chefs love them very much and have utilized Saffron for multi-cultural cuisines,
the daily use of saffron may improved eye sight, learning and memory retention, reduced muscle pain/women in menstruation pain, aiding in regulating blood sugar, metabolizing carbohydrates and cancer will be loved by all women which lead them nice face red and beauty.
package in 5grams/bottle
Shelf Life:24 month. 
Saffron is use worldwide in spells for wealth, strength, and love. Great to use to infuse Magical waters (just be careful as it stains easily).
Use in a tea to help enhance psychic abilities.
I think for love magic its best used in food or in a sachet (mojo bag).
For healers before and after a healing wash hands in an infusion.
For strength wash your sheets in saffron.
keep in cool/dry/sealed bottle/no light,Pregnant and women in menstruation are prohibited.