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Organic Apple Blossoms

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Apple blossoms are produced in spring simultaneously with the budding of the leaves. The flowers are white with a pink tinge that gradually fades.

Apple Flower Tea has a fresh and sweet aftertaste. Apple Flower Tea improves digestive, remove excess fat, clear ance, lighten pigmentation and ease nerves. Apple Flower can help in slimming and beauty, and also improve digestive system.

Have a cup of apple flower tea everyday, can help to diminish pimples, dark spot, blackheads etc skin probelms. Apple flower goes very well with Rose, both can help to improve female organs, if you have pre-mentrual cycle problem, you should start to drink Aple Flower Tea today!


  • Soothing and highly aromatic tea with a fresh and sweet aftertaste.
  • Preparation:   Use 2g flowers per 400ml of water. Heat water to 90-95℃ and steep for 1-3 minutes. It’s better to use glass cup.