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Organic Black Truffle Flakes-Blackbrdstore-
Organic Black Truffle Flakes-Blackbrdstore-

Organic Black Truffle Flakes

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Aromatic flakes of dehydrated black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum). Rehydrate the flakes in lukewarm water for 15 min and use along with the aromatic water in your cooking. Can also be used as a dried seasoning to impart a delicate truffle flavour to your dishes. Black truffle is a wild edible fungus that grows underground. The smell is very special, indescribable, and the taste is not as spicy as white truffles, but the aroma is more mellow. In addition, black truffles also have a scent similar to earth, and at the same time have the deliciousness of fish soup.

Modern scientific research data show that black truffles are rich in protein, 18 kinds of amino acids (including 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize), unsaturated fatty acids, multivitamins, zinc, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other essential trace elements. And a large number of metabolites such as sphingolipids, cerebrosides, ceramides, triterpenoids, androgens, adenosine, trentic acid, sterols, truffle polysaccharides, and truffle polypeptides, which have extremely high nutritional and health value.
Among them, male ketone has a significant effect on yang and conditioning endocrine; sphingolipid compounds have obvious activity in preventing senile dementia, atherosclerosis and anti-tumor cytotoxicity; polysaccharides, peptides and triterpenoids have enhanced immunity and anti-aging, Anti-fatigue and other effects can be used for health care.
Human consumption of black truffles has a history of more than 2,000 years, among which France, Italy and Spain are the most popular. When eating black truffles in Europe, cut the fresh black truffle into a very thin slice with a special slicer, then sprinkle it on the lasagna or Italian hollow powder with butter and dried Italian cheese. It tastes delicious.
The traditional French method of eating is to use black truffle omelet, cut the fresh black truffle into small pieces and put it into the egg and mix well. Leave it overnight and let the black truffle taste fully enter the egg liquid, then cook it regularly. As a famous dish, black truffles with sauce and steak are very famous in French and Italian fine restaurants.
As a famous dish, black truffles with sauce and steak are very famous in French and Italian fine restaurants. The most common of these is the creamy truffle soup.

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