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Potato Chips Crinkle Wavy Slicer

Potato Chips Crinkle Wavy Slicer

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Let the food show shape of waves, crinkle slicer style, it is a pleasant design, appealing eyes, and make people more hungry. This simple, sturdy gadget has so many uses in the kitchen. With its wavy blade, it turns potatoes into delicious home-fried crinkle-cut chips, makes crinkled slices of cucumber to garnish salads, cuts snack-sized carrot sticks, and much more. You can even use it to cut crinkly cookies, add a traditional edging to pastry cases, or make ravioli parcels from sheets of pasta dough. 


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Stainless steel +PP
  • Size: lengthxwidth 13.5*9cm
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