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Rabbit Tail Grass Flower

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Bunny Tail Grass just might be the most adorable plant we offer. Kids young and old find the soft, fluffy white seed heads irresistible to touch, and gardeners love how easy this plant is to grow. Flowers top a compact mound of downy green foliage. Plumes emerge chartreuse in early summer, shifting to soft ivory and white as they brighten containers and gardens with long-lasting texture into fall. Autumn turns the plumes a rich tan hue as seed heads dry right on the plant. (Lagurus ovatus).

If you’re looking for an ornamental edging plant for your annual flower beds, take a look at Bunny Tail Grass | Lagurus Ovatus. Bunny Tail Grass is one of those ornamental grasses that you grow first on a whim, then as an integral part of your garden! Commonly known as both Bunny Tails and Hare's Tail, this ornamental grass seed prodices a neat and compact grass that is topped by chartreuse puffballs that really do resemble little rabbit tails!
Bunny Tails grass is a pleasure to grow, too, because it favors sandy soils that many other plants shun, and once it gets its roots established, it's quite drought-tolerant. Give it plenty of sunshine, water throughout the growing season, and watch it fill your garden with bobbing, fluffy blooms.
 The plant is perfect for xeriscapes, arid gardens and neglected areas. The flowers are a cheerful addition to any annual garden for their texture and interest, and they can be dried for use in everlasting bouquets and craft projects.


  • 100 pcs
  • Size: 45-55cm
  • Diameter: 1-2cm
  • Head Length: 3-4cm