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Rare Natural Enhydro Bubble Agate

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Rare find! Agates with water inside. Each one has a varying amount of water. Some will have a small bubble, many will contain a large amount, some are even half full! The water is best seen by holding the agate to a flashlight or with many that are very full you can hear it when shaking the agate! Amazing find to add to your collection and use during your meditation practice. During the crystallization of this mineral water from the surrounding environment became trapped within the layers and around 6 to 8 million years ago. Scientists call these trapped liquids and their bubbles fluid inclusions. They are quite common and very fascinating. The white color of milky quartz is due to thousands or perhaps millions of microscopic fluid inclusions. Gemologists see inclusions when they look at certain gemstones (emerald is a good example) with a microscope. The liquid is not always water. A common fluid in ore forming processes is salty water.