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This Tumbled Tourmalated Quartz from Brazil is milky, translucent White Quartz, riddled with needle-like spikes of Tourmaline. It is found mostly in Brazil, and the Quartz that contains the Tourmaline needles can go from completely clear to milky white. Tourmalated Quartz, also called Tourmalinated Quartz combines the properties of its components, the grounding and deflection of negative energy found in Tourmaline, as well as the energy amplification and consciousness raising ability of Quartz. Also, the qualities of Tourmaline are significantly amplified by the Quartz surrounding it. As such, Tourmalated Quartz can powerfully clear away all psychic debris one may have absorbed over a lifetime, purifying both the conscious and subconscious.

The combination of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline creates a powerful ally in one's spiritual growth. While the Quartz can be an aid to those on the spiritual path, the Black Tourmaline can help keep one well-grounded, thus avoiding that out-of-touch sensation that can often result from being too focused on the higher pursuits. Black Tourmaline in Quartz can also help one to avoid picking up negative vibrations from the environment or other people, making it a great crystal for one's pocket or purse. One of the reasons why crystal healers love this crystals so much is because of its energetic cleansing effect on the aura. It is also known to protect and fortify the aura very well. People who have habitual negative habits can benefit greatly from working with these Tumbled Tourmalated Quartz. They transmit all frequencies of light energies, which bring an overall sense of well-being, and a knowledge of the inherent perfection of the Universe.

Tourmalated Quartz can help bring balance to the Yin and Yang energies, and is often used as a good luck charm.