What You Should Know About Bohemian Style Decor Blackbrdstore

What You Should Know About Bohemian Style Decor

What You Should Know About Bohemian Style Decor

The bohemian style has recently become a global trend. One of the reasons traditional décor is so popular is because of the way that it incorporates diversity. Unlike styles such as shabby chic or vintage, traditional décor has the ability to incorporate modern elements and boldly colored objects without looking odd. Styling your living room with boho - farmhouse elements will give the space a cozy and effortless vibe. 

Boho style gained popularity in the 1970s when young people desired something different. There was a need to hunt for individuality among the stream of mass-produced, plastic, and throwaway commodities available in every store. It led them to mysterious and unknown locations. The trend toward more primitive civilizations became a kind of revolt, exhibited in fashion and home design. It didn't survive long, but it opened people's eyes and brains to other realms.

The word ‘boho’ comes from the word ‘bohema‘. Bohema was a distinctive group of artists – writers, painters, musicians, and actors leading a nomadic lifestyle. They did not fit in with existing frameworks and conventions. The free time of the 19th-century artistic bohemianism was filled with travels, parties, meetings in cafés, and vernissages.

Because it resembles a patchwork, the bohemian style in interiors is quite simple to achieve. It combines hippy slacks and 1960s design with ethnic and environmental features, folk themes, and Parisian bohemia's creative obliviousness. The casual nature of the bohemian style contributes to its charm.

Interiors in the bohemian style are a feast of colors, patterns, and stylistic conventions. The mish-mash, strong colors, and a festival of patterns collected from a variety of styles: ethnic, psychedelic, floral, folk and geometric – are its hallmarks.

The boho style is focused on beautiful fabrics and accessories. Many of them are hand-knitted from colorful yarn crochets, giving them a gypsy, rural feel. Patchwork is also a requirement, whether it's a multicolored mosaic of patterned wallpapers on the wall or pillowcases sewed together from pieces of various materials.
The patchwork's qualities are in line with the philosophy of bohemian living, which stands for "reduce, reuse, recycle." It is a statement of a realistic ecological perspective that appeals to many young people. It is a cherished reminiscence of hippy youth for the older generation.

The bohemian style relies heavily on vibrant and dominant colors. Boho embraces rich, obnoxious, and loud mixtures.
However, earth and natural colors dominate this style in interiors. They resemble the sun-bleached African scenery or the vibrant Amazon villages.
The so-called scandi boho, which incorporates many aspects of the Scandinavian style, is an exception to this norm. In this edition, the boho is kept in muted tones.
Cushions, carpets, baskets, bedspreads, paintings, and potted plants are all fantastic choices for décor.

Choose ethnic or folk designs for a bohemian look. Moroccan fractal patterns and exotic threads contrast with folk needlework and rustic embellishments, creating a sophisticated yet coherent mishmash.
The oriental bohemian style will be wonderfully complemented by decorations from foreign excursions. The interior's original charm will be emphasized with family decorations and mementos. This design will complement busy wallpapers, meaty rugs, and oriental tiles.

Bring in beautiful green plants inside your home for a true bohemian vibe. Long vines or modern palms can be displayed in a variety of vases. If keeping plants alive is not really your forte, opt for artificial plants. This will not only increase the aesthetic value of your living room, but it’ll also bring in a calm and peaceful vibe.

Combine and match stylish furniture and completely ordinary equipment and even individual modern elements – accompanied by an explosive mix of fabrics and decorative accessories. All of them will become avant-garde. Weaved furniture, as well as recycled or second-hand items, will also be a hit.

While decorating a boho-style apartment, let yourself be carried away by your fantasy. It is a style of freedom, so you don’t have to stick to any rules in it!

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