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Automatic Electric Juicer

Automatic Electric Juicer

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The Automatic Electric Juicer is designed for one-button automatic pressing with maximum juice extraction. It can sense the peel thickness and is perfect for juicing both fruits and vegetables. This juicer is great for creating healthy drinks, cocktails, recipes, desserts, and marinades. It also features USB-C charging with over 40 times the juice yield after a full charge. Made with food-grade materials, it is safe and BPA-free. The removable parts are easy to clean with the included custom brush. Compact and portable, it's ideal for shopping, fitness, picnics, camping, and travel. Enjoy delicious juice anytime, anywhere with this fun and quirky juicer!


  • Blade Material: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Cup capacity:150ml
  • Voltage/Current:5V/1A
  • Size (LxWxH):140x110x280mm

Warm tips:

  • Before disassembling the top cover, please make sure to rotate out the snap fastener first.
  • Long press for 3 seconds to start the machine. After the light is turned on, short press again to start the operation directly to squeeze juice.
  • This machine is equipped with a built-in lithium battery. For the convenience of transportation, this new machine only has a weak current when it leaves the factory. When the battery of the machine is low, the red light will light up and the machine cannot start normally. After receiving the goods, please fully charge the machine before starting it. After being fully charged, the white indicator light will light up.
  • If you need to extract juice for a long time, it is recommended to directly plug in the USB cable for use. If the usage time is short, you can fully charge the machine and use it without inserting cables. Usually, when fully charged, juice can be extracted approximately 40 times.
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