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Crystal Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Crystal Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

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Do you know that this is trending and effective new way to utilize crystals and plant-based oils? This crystal stone diffuser provides a calming atmosphere with high vibration to rejuvenate peace and relaxation for your body and spirit. Whether you are a crystal lover or remain skeptical about their healing energies, this 2 in 1 solution is more than just gemstone home decor. For crystal fanatics, this gemstone essential oil diffuser involves visual and olfactory sensations, Let these 2 pure and natural gifts from the Mother Earth work together to amplify the healing energies from crystal stones and boost your energy by the scents, detoxifying your body. Aromatherapy is a process of focusing on the breath, naturally a meditation exercise, it’s an art of living in the present, and crystal stones can even bring this process to a further level.


  •  USB cable length 1.5meters
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