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Galactic Starry Sky Levitating Lamp

Galactic Starry Sky Levitating Lamp

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The Galactic Starry Sky Levitating Lamp features magnetic levitation technology, allowing it to float and rotate freely without any contact or support. The operation is completely noise-free, and it creates a magical and romantic atmosphere similar to the starlight in the night sky.

With 88 constellations glowing at the same time, this special levitating starlight ball makes it possible to enjoy the romantic feeling of starlight anytime and anywhere. When turned on in a dark room, the constellation light ball illuminates the sky with its bright lights. Discover new constellations each day and proudly exclaim "I know this constellation!" when you encounter them in the future. The levitating starlight ball also has four different light modes - red, green, blue, and purple - that light up in sequence. With the touch of a button, you can switch off the lights on the ball and turn on the lights of the base. And even when the power is off, the starlight ball securely attaches to

Levitating Constellation Lamp

360 Rotation

Incorporating state-of-the-art scientific and technological advancements in 360 Degree magnetic levitation, our product stands as a distinctive and elegant decorative piece, representing an exceptional option for gifting purposes.

Touch Switch

The  touch switch on the surface of the base allows you to control the light on/off and light color by gently touching it, which is simple and convenient to operate.

Levitating Constellation Lamp
Levitating Constellation Lamp

3 Color Modes

Saturn Lamp has white light, warm white light, and yellow light. The white light is bright, the warm white light is romantic and the yellow light is mysterio


  • Material: PVC
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