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Ivy Smart Pot

Ivy Smart Pot

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Ivy Smart Pot Artificial Intelligence is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence. Not only does it have gesture interaction features, but it also has over 49 unique animations to express a variety of emotions.

As you interact with Ivy, it develops its lovable personality. Like a real pet, EVA brings a sense of peace and comfort to its owner, offering an unconventional gardening experience. Ivy can also be connected to smart home devices like Alexa.

Watch as Ivy brings your creative ideas to life. By connecting to a network, Ivy can even perform its own OTA system updates and expand its knowledge of different plant species.


  • Smart emoticons remind plants of their needs through emoticons
  • Customized maintenance strategies
  • Light, moisture, temperature, humidity
  • Seven sensing technologies
  • Real-time collection of plant growth environment information
  • Cute pets and warm companionship
  • Gesture interaction makes companionship more than monotonous
  • Smart home linkage has joined Xiaomi and Tuya ecology
  • Material: Plastic
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