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Madagascar Banded Agate Palm Stones

Madagascar Banded Agate Palm Stones

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The original Crazy Lace Agate is found only in Mexico. The Crazy Lace Silk Banded Agate is found only on the West Central Coast of Madagscar.

Like all agates, these vibrate to a slower frequency than other microcrystalline quartz. This is due to the multiplicity of banding, layers, and eyes within the agates. These beautiful features teach the importance of slowing down and being at peace with that slower pace.  These wonderful agates have a soothing feel to them. Because they were born in fire, they can also bring creativity and passion into your life. The slower frequency of these agates does mean it can take longer for the effects to be noticed.

The Madagascar agate has an enhanced ability to help encourage positive thoughts and allows you to take control over negative thinking. They also assist with understanding and finding one's own deeper purpose and meaning in life.

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