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Peacock Flower Chair

Peacock Flower Chair

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The intricate design is one that has made its way in and out of fashion throughout the ages. Made from rattan, the peacock chair is lightweight but sturdy and is also referred to as the “Manila” or “Philippine” chair. Rattan is a natural resource in Southeast Asia and natives long ago learned multiple uses for this wood.As early as the 1600s, European colonists began bringing back beautifully woven products and furniture made of rattan from locations in Southeast Asia. Once you have your eye on our beautiful rattan chair you will never get it out of your mind: this is love at first sight! Whether in your bedroom, children's room, living room or outside under the veranda in the summer: This beauty is an eye-catcher with its elegant and beautiful backrest. For reading, drinking cocktails and coffee, enjoying the sun, for photoshoots… you name it.


  • Material: Rattan / Wicker
  • Size: 76x45x99
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