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Red Smelting Crystal Point

Red Smelting Crystal Point

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Red Crystals are some of the most beautiful, loving, supportive, and warmest crystals that you can encounter. They have always been associated with love, passion, romance, warmth, and heat. Red Crystals are a strong symbolism of life and physical vitality. They will bring focus to the essence of your life, and they will inspire you to live with purpose!  Red Crystals will encourage you to take action when something must be done regarding a situation in your life.They will remove your apathy and make you more sympathetic and compassionate. This rare quartz has a powerful energy full of fire and passion.  Meditate on this light filled stone to increase your personal power and courage.  Due to its red color, it is best used for work in the Root and Sacral chakras.

  • Weight: 700-800g
  • Length :18-20cm
  • Width: 6-8cm
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