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Royal Chandan Incense Sticks

Royal Chandan Incense Sticks

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Apart from the pleasant smell & peace of mind, Chandan incense sticks offer various health benefits too. Some advantages of burning sandalwood incense are:

Lowers Blood Pressure: Yes, burning Chandan incense sticks can actually lower the blood pressure. The soothing fragrance of sandalwood calms down your body and provides a feeling of relaxation, which eventually lowers the blood pressure. This is surely a great perk of burning sandalwood incense sticks as high blood pressure is a constant risk to your health and with the help of these sticks, the risk high blood pressure reduces.

Recovery From Wounds: Surprisingly, burning sandalwood incense sticks can actually heal your wounds. This is how it works. Its fragrance activates certain olfactory receptors, which stimulates keratinocytes to make Keratin. Keratin is the reason behind the formation the outmost layer of the skin. Now, because of the increment in keratin levels, the process for wound healing becomes faster.

Relieves Anxiety: Stress is one of the biggest reasons for having trouble in sleeping. The pleasant aroma of sandalwood works like a stress-killer and make you feel comfortable. In turn, it helps you sleep well. Because of its soothing aroma, Chandan has been highly honored in the aromatherapy. So, just light it up in the room while going to bed and you will get the most soothing and relaxed sleep.

Prayer and Meditation: While you meditate or pray, you need a pure and calm environment. So, to gain that peace of mind, sandalwood incense sticks are proved to be highly advantageous. The soothing aroma of sandalwood relaxes your mind and helps you concentrate better. Because of this very reason, most of the temples and meditation centers use sandalwood incense sticks.

Natural Air Freshener: This might be one of the most common perks of burning Chandan incense sticks. Everybody loves the fragrance of sandalwood and nothing can be better than getting that aroma in your entire room. The best part about sandalwood incense stick is that it is 100% natural, which means there is no harmful effect of burning it in your room.

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