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Bulbs String Festoon Lights

Bulbs String Festoon Lights

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Ideal for both domestic and professional lighting, one need merely add the necessary number of 5 m Belts to interconnect them using a secure waterproof connector. Constructed using advanced engineering processes, these festoon belts are designed for extended outdoor use with remarkable longevity.


  • Wattage: 5W -10W
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Warm White
  • Diameter of Globe: 4.5cm
  • Length: 15M ( Included 5 meters of lead wire and 10 Meters of Lights String )
  • 20 Bulbs ( Spacing between two bulbs is 0.5M )
  • Bulb Diameter: 5cm
  • 100 pcs (5 LED/ Bulb )
  • White Color Rubber Cable
  • Transformer: 110V to 240V input 24 output (Low Voltage, Safe to use in the Rain) 
  •  Connectable (transformer included will run up to 3 sets)
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