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Cat Glass Planter Vase

Cat Glass Planter Vase

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The creatively designed cat shape of this frame combined with a glass bulb-shaped vase adds a modern aesthetic and will look stylish in any space. Its simple but quirky appearance fits with any home decor theme
The metal frame is artistically crafted from durable iron and the clear bulb vase is made from high boron silicon heat resistant glass with fine craftsmanship making this stand long lasting and durable.
 Perfect for plants such as Scindapsus, Mint, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, flowers. Just pour water water in the glass vase and add whatever plant you like for an easy but beautiful decoration! Can be used to display artificial plants as well.


Material: Glass+Iron

  • A: 18.5x8x17.5cm
  • B: 18.5x7.5x22.5cm
  • C: 22x10x12cm
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