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Chakra Crystal Suncatcher

Chakra Crystal Suncatcher

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Bring balance and harmony to your space with this stunning Chakra crystal suncatcher. The colorful crystals, representing each of the seven chakras, catch the light and create a beautiful, rainbow-like effect. Hang this suncatcher in a sunny window and let its positive energy flow throughout your home.

This Chakra crystal suncatcher is not only a beautiful decorative piece, but also serves a functional purpose. The chakra system is believed to be the body's energy center, and each color corresponds to a different energy point. By aligning the chakras, it's thought to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this Chakra crystal suncatcher is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your home. It makes a great gift for anyone looking to bring more balance and harmony into their life.


  • Material: Crystal
  • Length: 11.4''
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