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Colorful Acrylic Coffee Table

Colorful Acrylic Coffee Table

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Clearly modern with a vintage stance. These acrylic tables can be used for an impromptu dinner party and then fold up to tuck away. They also make great end tables and nightstands.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Length:40cm/15.7".Width40cm/15.7" Height:45cm/17.7
  • Length:45cm/17.7".Width45cm/17.7" Height:47cm/18.5
  • Length:60cm/23.6".Width60cm/23.6" Height:50cm/19.6
  • Length:60cm/23.6".Width60cm/23.6" Height:60cm/23.6"
  • Length:120cm/47.2", Width:45cm/17.7".Height:35cm/13.7"
  • Length:120cm/47.2", Width:65cm/15.5".Height:35cm/13.7"
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