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Evil Eye Amulet With Elephants

Evil Eye Amulet With Elephants

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Power, strength, and protection.In Hinduism, the elephant is seen in the form of Ganesh who is the God of luck and fortune.

The eye is a curse that has been cast upon an unaware victim. Many cultures believe that receiving the eye will bring about misfortune. To protect against this talismans called the evil eyes are created.A talisman is an object believed to contain magical properties and provide good luck and protection to the owner. They are meant to reflect the power of the evil look itself. It is believed that the Evil Eye will protect you from bad karma and ill-will.It is believed that if your amulet cracks or breaks it has done its job in protecting you from such misfortune. Amulets come in many forms and are often carried for protection and good luck.


  • Material: Glass
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