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Fluffy Duvet Cover Set

Fluffy Duvet Cover Set

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Fluffy , warm and breathable! Prepare to be obsessed! It’s made with fine & smooth superior hypoallergenic microfiber with a very comfortable weight to it. This is the warmest quilt (duvet) cover you will ever own! Hand made with love, it feels extremely soft and the velvet silky feeling of the long fluff is amazing to cuddle up any time of the day and night! These blankets are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle. It will always hold their fluffiness. They are crafted to be extremely breathable, so you won't sweat at night but will have your most comfortable night. Providing you with just enough warmth for winter (with the duvet inserted) or summer(using it as a blanket).


  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Thread Count: 300TC
  • Fabric Count: 60
  • Quantity: 3 pcs
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