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Garden Care Kit Set

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Great set if you're a beginner or if you just love gardening, make transplanting at home easier and neater. Great gift for anyone who loves cacti, succulents, miniature plants, etc. This perfect little gardening compact kit is a must-have for your succulents or cacti, and also great for your zen garden, miniatures, and terrarium. It has everything you need and just the right size for working on your small houseplants.

If you used to get your plants dirty when repotting with a cup or your hand to scoop the soil, then try this mini tools kit, there will be no mess anymore. They work well for indoor plants as well as terrariums. 12pcs succulent tools including watering, cleaning, soil scoop, digging tools, and scissors, meet your various needs to take care of your potted plants.


  •  Material: Stainless steel
  •  Bottle: 250ml
  •  Cleaning brush: 4.7inch
  •  Tweezers: 4.7inch
  •  Scissors: 4.1inch
  •  Dust blower: 5.7inch
  •  Transplanting tool: 5.5inch
  •  Bucket shovel: 6.3inch
  •  Rake shovel: 6.7inch, 7.8inch, 8.2inch
  •  Floor mat: 75x75cm

Package Including:

  •  1x bottle (250ml)
  •  1x cleaning brush
  •  1x curved tip tweezers
  •  1x leaf trimmer
  •  1x dust blower
  •  2x transplanting tools
  •  2x bucket shovel
  •  3x rake shovel
  •  1x Floor mat 75*75cm