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Glaucophane Wand Crystal

Glaucophane Wand Crystal

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The ‘Stone of Function', helps the being to get through day to day life, with as much peace and harmony as possible, on all levels of the self.Glaucophane lifts the spirit, and helps to lighten the mood. A stone that encourages a positive attitude, as well as instilling feelings of peace and of harmony within.
This is a stone that helps the being to function day to day, on all levels of the self. Glaucophane helps to open up the mentor and the guide within, as well encouraging the exploration and use of self-fulfilling prophecy. However, Glaucophane teaches that this must be followed with a true heart filled with positivism.
A stone that can help the being function harmoniously on all levels of the self, not only with day to day life, but also when obstacles and challenges arrive, so that the best outcome can be achieved if desired.


  • Width: 1.5-2cm
  • Height: 5-8cm
  • Weight: 30-60g
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