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Jellyfish Nightlight

Jellyfish Nightlight

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High-quality materials come together to create the enchanting Jellyfish Nightlight. Its intricate and charming design features colorful chiffon ribbons, LED light strings, and acrylic domes, lovingly assembled by hand. During the day, the ribbons emit a captivating glow, making the jellyfish shape even cuter. Made of reusable and recyclable plastic, this lamp is environmentally friendly and odorless, while the ribbons add a colorful touch that can be reused for a long time. Perfect for parties and random placement, this Jellyfish Nightlight is sure to add a playful and quirky ambiance to any room.


  • Material: Plastic+LED Electronic component
  • Color: Purple,Pink,Blue,White
  • Light Color:Warm White/Colored Lights
  • Size:16cm/6.29'' in Width,40-50cm/15.74-19.68''  in Length
  • Powered By:IR44 Button Cell
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