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Magic Fake Instant Snow Powder

Magic Fake Instant Snow Powder

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Add some Magic Snow to kids parties, crafty creations, or just have some fun at Christmas. Make fake snow in seconds by simply mixing the instant snow powder with water. Watch as the snow magically expands. Snow that grows by itself, you can’t beat that.

The Magic Snow will look real for days. If it dries out, mix with water to keep it looking fluffy. When finished, let it dry out to reuse another day.


  • Material: Absorbent resin
  • Size: About 9 x 6.5 cm 

Caution - This product is very slippery to walk on. Magic Snow is not a toy. Adult supervision required. Keep out of reach of babies and young children. It should not be eaten. If swallowed, remove as much as possible and rinse mouth and seek medical attention. Do not eat or drink when using this product. Do not use on sensitive surfaces. Do not put down the sink or drain. Keep away from fire.

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