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Prehnite Quartz Crystal Point

Prehnite Quartz Crystal Point

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This stone was first described when it was discovered in South Africa in 1788. The meaning of its name relates to it being called after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn. Hendrik Von Prehn was the governor of the Cape Of Good Hope, and the commander of the Dutch forces located at the base in South Africa that was close to where the stones were first seen and described.

Prehnite is a prophetic stone who is worked with when you wish to receive divine visions about yourself, others or the world. It activates your psychic abilities and therefore is a tremendous complement to all mancy activities like tarot, pendulum and scrying. If you wish to work with divination and mancy prehnite will give you a valuable surge of power with which you can amplify and strengthen your psychic skills.Prehnite is a light green or pale green stone; some with dark green inclusions. Prehnite can be cloudy or clear and can appear in a crystalline form or more of a blob-like form.

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