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Quantum Magnetic Health Analyzer

Quantum Magnetic Health Analyzer

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The Quantum Magnetic Health Analyzer uses rigorous statistical analysis and scientific methods to provide highly accurate health assessments, as recognized by numerous clinical practices. Its professional and precise database allows for efficient monitoring of multiple body indexes in a matter of minutes. The compact and elegant design allows for convenient portability, perfect for business travel and outdoor detection. It utilizes the emerging technique of magnetic analysis of quantum resonance, a non-invasive and accurate spectral test method. By connecting to a computer and using an encryption lock, the device can quickly and easily obtain accurate health readings. With a dynamic 3D scan of the human body, it can clearly display body organs and provide valuable information for comparing and controlling health problems. Its non-invasive skin test method can collect health data from different body systems within minutes, simply by holding the sensor in the palm of your hand.


1. The software is in the CD.If you dont have CD room. You could contact us for download link.

2. After install the software,Please connect both the blue usb key and the device to open the software.

3. Must exit the antivirus software and delete all other quantum software installed in the computer before installation

4.Run the software as administrator when installing

The following 62 reports will be given:

1 Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
2 Gastrointestinal function
3 Liver function
4 Gallbladder function
5 Pancreatic function
6 Kidney function
7 Lung function
8 Brain nerve
9 Bone disease
10 Bone mineral density
11 Rheumatoid bone disease
12 Blood sugar
13 Basic physical quality
14 Human toxin
15 Trace element(Male and female)
16 Heavy Metals
17 Amino Acid(Male and female)
18 Endocrine System
19 Immune System
20 Prostate(Male)
21 Male sexual function(Male)
22 Gynecology(Female)
23 Breast(Female)
24 Skin
25 Eye
26 Allergy
27 Vitamin(Male and female)
28 Obesity
29 Bone Growth Index
30 Coenzyme(Male and female)
31 Sperm and semen(Male)
32 Blood lipids
33 Channels and collaterals
34 Element of human(Male and female)
35. Collagen
36. Menstrual cycle(Female)
37. Pluse of heart and brain
38.Comparative report(Original report)

39. Large Intestine Function
40. Thyroid
41. ADHD(Child)
42. Compositive report

43 Comparative report(Compare report)

44 Fatty Acid

45 Expert analysis

46 Hand analysis

47 Trace Element(Child)

48 Vitamin(Child)

49 Amino Acid(Child)

50 Coenzyme(Child)

51 Fatty Acid(Child)

52 Human Consciousness Level(Version 6.3.36 only)

53 Respiratory Function(Version 6.3.36 only)

54 Expert Suggestions

55 Male Hormone (Male) (Version 6.3.36 only)

56 Human Immunity(Version 6.3.36 only)

57 Lecithin(Version 6.3.36 only)

58 Female Hormone (Female)(Version 6.3.36 only)

59 Essential  Fatty Acid(Child)(Version 6.3.36 only)

60 Adolescent Intelligence(Child)(Version 6.3.36 only)

61 Adolescent Growth Index(Child)(Version 6.3.36 only)

62 Lecithin(Child)(Version 6.3.36 only)

Package Included:

  • Device *1
  • CD for software and manual *1
  • Key for some versions(some versions no need key) *1
  • Black cable to connect the device with computer *1
  • Portable Bag *1
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