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Quantum Otto Wand Crystal

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It is a combination stone that comes from Namibia. This mineral combination works in synergy and at a higher and stronger vibrational energy than the individual minerals. Whenever you feel like something’s off and you’re out of alignment, this stone will help you correct the imbalance.

“Otto” means “8” in Italian, and I named these generators for their mind-blowing mix of EIGHT different vibration-raising, energy-conducting, healing stones and minerals. The number 8 represents abundant flow and wisdom, as well as prosperity of mind, body, and spirit. Quantum otto is a combination of copper-based minerals in quartz, including malachite, azurite, dioptase, shattuckite, chrysocolla, ajoite, and hematite! Copper conducts and channels the flow of positive energy throughout a space, especially the body. Quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world. It expands and intensifies energy and can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love – or any intention you wish to amplify. When the magic of eight combines with the properties of these amazing elements, you have a talisman of infinite light and healing!


  • Size: 7.5-8.5cm