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Retro-Style Blender

Retro-Style Blender

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Enjoy delicious, nutritious drinks anytime and anywhere with the Retro-Style Blender! Its compact size and minimalist aesthetics make it an ideal companion for healthy drinks on-the-go, while its retro styling with a crank and speed settings adds style to any kitchen. The included bottle and jar with straw allow you to easily enjoy smoothies and milkshakes, making healthy living even simpler.


  • Power (W): <200W
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 20x20x40
  • speed: 18001 revolutions per minute (including) - 20000 revolutions per minute (including)
  • voltage: 220V
  • One-time largest oil amount: 401 ml (including) - 600 ml (including)
  • One-time largest amount of juice: 401 ml (including) - 600 ml (including)
  • Pulp dross box of capacity: Under 500 ml (500 ml)
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