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Schumann Resonance Frequency Wave Generator

Schumann Resonance Frequency Wave Generator

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The Schumann wave doesn’t directly enhance sound or video quality. Instead, it improves the space environment, helping to relax the body and mind. This, in turn, enhances your perception of sound and images, boosts health and work efficiency, and alleviates psychological stress. The generator outputs a stable 7.830Hz Schumann wave and can be adjusted within a frequency range of 0.001Hz to 200KHz, thanks to its digital circuit crystal oscillator frequency reference.


  • Using DDS algorithm, the frequency step value can be up to 0.001HZ, good frequency stability.
  • This product can not only output 7.830Hz Schumann wave, but also increase the programmable frequency modulation technology, can be adjusted in the range of 0.001Hz ~ 200KHz frequency (can also be used as an ordinary programmable digital signal generator).
  • Digital crystal oscillator frequency reference, more stable, more anti-interference;
  • Power supply interface using DC5.5*2.1 interface, easy to use, USB terminal can be inserted into the power supply or USB charging head or other USB power supply device work.

Instructions for use:

Attach the included USB cable to the round hole on the circuit board, then plug the other end into a power bank, USB charging head, or other USB-powered device to activate. Adjust the frequency by manually inputting it and pressing "OK" to finalize the change. For the green adjustable version, enter the desired frequency and press "OK" to complete the adjustment.

How to change the frequency:

Enter the desired frequency and press the lower left button to finalize the setting. For instance, enter [7][.] [8][3], and then press [OK] to set to 7.83Hz. The default output upon powering on is 7.83Hz, with a range of 0.001~200KHz for customization.

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